CATRAX-Master is a compact yet very robust portico type turnstile. It’s unique 90° arm structure permits a true unobstructed flow of patrons. A variety of options, including a highly
effective drop-arm mechanism, stainless steel and mild steel versions, lateral pictograms and
much more make this the worldwide turnstile of choice for discriminating integrators. The
locking mechanism is low maintenance and highly effective thanks to it’s solid design and
the unique use of electromagnets in place of lower cost solenoids.

Q-SAQ INC Waist High Turnstile Tripods

The Q-SAQ INC waist high turnstile tripod CATRAX-Plus model is the most cost effective turnstile available in the market. This model stands out
for being robust, versatile and highly reliable in a unique and attractive design. The unit was
specially developed to ease the integration with other on-board security peripherals such as
card readers, displays, keyboards, UPS/no-breaks and much more.

The Q-SAQ INC waist high swing gate CATRAX-Clip was specifically designed for disabled people. It has an innovative design and was manufactured in a smaller size to enable quicker and easier passage. This model is ergonomic, practical and safe. In addition, the turnstile pedestal was designed to withstand the impact produced by wheel chairs.

CATRAX PLUS swing turnstile



CATRAX PLUS turnstile
CATRAX Master turnstile

​Q-SAQ INC High Quality Waist High Turnstile

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